Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT

Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT
Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT
Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT
Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT
Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT
Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT
Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT
Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT
Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT

Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT
Official/Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete lcd with frame in Black, incl Battery, Speaker, Mic, Vibrator - Part no:02352PBT. Dear Client/Customer, This part is 100% official/Genuine. Directly from the Huawei partner/distribution. Please check your model and version correctly as there are various versions on certain models, if you unsure then please whatsapp us on the number below. This part is suited for the following versions and models. VOG-L29, VOG-L09, VOG-AL00, VOG-TL00, VOG-L04, VOG-AL10, HW-02L.

6.47 inches, 102.8 cm2 (88.6% screen-to-body ratio). 1080 x 2340 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio (398 ppi density). We are a established company since 2008. Look no further for Genuine parts.

By stating official parts we are solemnly declaring and confirming this as otherwise this would be against the law and misrepresentation. Using official parts is the best way forward. Official Huawei Service pack lcd screen. Are the parts advertised genuine?

How are the parts cheaper than advertised elsewhere? - Via our Huawei distributor partner channel, we are able to keep a low margin of profit that benefits you as a customer. How are the parts packed?

Good question - firstly parts arent retail packed, why? As they are via a Huawei repair partner channel, which means.. You know the service centres of Huawei? Yes, well we place orders via the same channel literally. So it means we get the part bulk packed, however.

Lcd screens - will come Huawei service packed. Charging cases for Buds - Huawei white box packed with barcode etc. Battery covers: now some may come bulk packed, some may come in service pack boxes.

Other parts: Now Huawei distributors will send us a box with say 10 parts if we ordered 10. We then split these parts and put it into a bag and label it. Bulk packaging it came in doesnt look great: its not about the packaging but the part being official/genuine. How do stylus pens come: Once again they will come in a box to us of whatever qty we order, we then split this box into individual pcs and pack then into a further packing with a label.

We therefore abide by the law strictly. I understand others may sell so called copy, copy original as they say or OEM but they are only fooling the public, these sellers will not only get caught in the end but they are lying to themselves as well as inflicting bad karma on themselves. I accidentally ordered the wrong part. I WANT YOU PERSONALLY TO READ THIS WHICH IS SO IMPORTANT.


If a part has a serial number too, we also record this. Is the picture on the listing exactly what I will receive? I would like to see further pics as its not so clear, or I need to see another angle - please message us and we shall take additional pics for you.

Policy on lcds screens - important note: Soft fit is require, do not attempt to fully fit the lcd unless you carry out the Samsung menu test which takes 10 minutes. Lets talk here about lcd installation, Adhesives, Static causing failure. Kindly scroll to the bottom.

Why cant i track my 1st class posted item. 1st class doesnt have a live tracking feature. It will only show delivered once delivered. Normally with 1st class, it will show once delivered. They have specific internal scans which are trackable on royal mails side along with the postman. Why cant i track my 1st class signed for posted item? 1st class recorded doesnt have a live tracking feature.

Normally with 1st class signed, it will show once delivered. Same answer as above, not trackable..

Only when it shows delivered. Why is the seal broken on the huawei or samsung service pack box? This is due to checking the lcd and also stamping it with specific markings, so we know this is supplied by us. We hold over 20,000 parts and more. Physical stock and dispatched from our UK. Customer service no: 0208 594 8811 12.30-6pm.

Whatsapp Customer service: 07580 345 007. Within UK (excludes JERSEY, GUERNSEY, SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS - REMOTE AREAS) - Order before 5.30pm. Very important Note: We serve you the client honestly with integrity, we therefore would like the same back. Any such person who claims fraudulently or misuses the policy will be reported. Such measures to action fraud and various organisations.

We take pride in what we do and give the service and quality of a part, we simply expect the same level back. Please note all our parts are stamped - we do this to identify the part. We also pack parts under CCTV.

Very rarely do genuine parts have any faults as they go through vigorous testing. A few notes to bear in mind on lcd screens: IMPORTANT PLEASE FOLLOW. Due to a strict and thorough testing of Samsung lcd modules, it is very rare that one would be faulty. We therefore request you to soft fit the lcd, soft fit basically means; connect the lcd to the mother board and carry out a pre test. To find the hidden menu, open the dial pad and enter #0#?

Then wait a moment, and this screen should pop up: Numerous buttons can run tests for vibration, RGB colours, touch-screen sensitivity, speaker output and so on. Pre test takes around 10 minutes.

Once this has been carried out and it passes all tests, you may then continue to fit the lcd. If however the lcd plays up after fitting, it will then indicate that you incorrectly fitted the lcd. Please note if you are sending a part back which is a manufacture fault. The part must be intact with no seals or adhesives off. The part must be in the same condition as given.

The box must also be intact without any markings etc - No writing on the box, no writing on the packaging, no sellotape over the main packaging etc. Part must not be fitted. If however the lcd is blank during the soft fit; This would be a manufacturers fault. We would kindly request you to print a copy of the invoice and return the part back to the address stated on the invoice.

If however you incorrectly chose the wrong colour then you are bound for a 5% charge providing you send the part back within 24hrs. You must package the lcd the same way we did in order to be fit for return. We will not have any excuses to say'we ordered the lcd for a customer however they have cancelled' or'the customer has changed his mind' etc etc this is bound by you and the client, it has no relevance with us. I therefore suggest you as Business take 50% upfront. If you the client have broken/cracked the lcd whilst fitting it, the item is void for return.

Its between you and your customers. A lcd is very fragile, once the handover test is carried out, you should get your customer to sign a declaration as who knows what happens once they leave your premises.

Liquid ingress could also factor and so on. MANUFACTURE FAULTS WILL ONLY APPEAR AT THE TIME OF PRE-TEST AND NOT AFTER. THEREFORE WE ADVISE YOU CARRY OUT THE PRE-TEST PROPERLY SO NO LOSSES AMOUNT TO YOU THEREAFTER. Accidental & Installation Damage (commonly referred to as Customer Induced Damage)?

Such damage is most often the result of a drop or an impact to the LCD screen or any other part of the product which may render the device non-functional. Dark or light spots of various sizes. Spots are typically due to an external force hitting the screen causing damage to the panels backlight assembly. While the screen did not crack or break, the underlying area was compressed and damaged causing the effect. Liquid contents could also cause a issue to the lcd screen Black "splotches" or "Ink spots" of various sizes.

The internal glass has cracked allowing the liquid crystal to pool into areas of the screen. Internal cracks are typically due to excessive force on the screen. Cracked, Scratched or Broken glass. The LCD glass on a Samsung is manufactured to rigorous specifications and standards and will not typically crack or break on its own under normal use. Even if your kit was still working after the exposure occurred.

This is because moisture damage is not always immediate, and can take months to affect your kit. With kit with a removable back cover, you can sometimes see these yourself: they look like small white stickers on and around the battery. As you know a manufacture fault doesn? T appear after weeks of installation hence at the handover a test is carried out. Once its out the door then its not your responsibility.

T need to be cracked or have dents to suffer internal damage. We are very strict on these terms as Manufacturers carry out a vigorous QC check before lcds are placed into packets. Please read the terms and conditions carefully. Genuine Samsung parts go through vigorous testing and its therefore rare for it to be faulty.

If a fault occurs, it will be upon installation. Now another scenario could be where you the fitter could have damaged the lcd upon installation. This does happen, damaged the flex or connector whilst fitting, using inappropriate adhesives, using Glue, pressure damage and so forth. Firstly, PLEASE KEEP ALL SEALS, PACKAGING AND SO FORTH JUST INCASE A FAULT OCCURS DURING FITMENT.


DO NOT DAMAGE THE BOX/PACKAGING. This excludes static, which could short the lcd screen. Due to improper Installation, products are punctured by static electricity, causing potential damage to LCD display products.

People are the main source of static electricity, so if that person is not grounded, the risk of the damage is very high. When assembling the sensitive electronic components, it is important to check the ESD protection of personnel.

A wrap strap is the most effective way to avoid the damage from ESD. The worker is grounded by the wrap strap.

At the same time, it is also important to wear ESD clothing before entering the work area. Special design on the input and output pins of the display is important to prevent the devices from ESD damages. You could design a specific electrostatic circuit to discharge extra electricity by conducting ground. For example, adding transient-voltage-suppression (TVS) diode between VDD and ground or grounding the mental housing of the display. Lcd modules as well as other sensitive parts are stored in anti-static bags.

Customers and engineers also need to strictly follow the anti-static operation when installing the display module and do not directly contact the core electronic components of the product without any precaution. Treat all components as static sensitive devices.

Never touch-sensitive components without grounding. All instruments and equipment related to the display must be grounded. The ESD protection workbench should maintain the device and ground equipotential. The wristband and shoe cover should be tested every day to ensure that the parameters are met.

Static insulation materials cannot be placed freely in the safety zone. Type in #0# - may be different for certain models. Please complete a full test. This takes around 10/12 mins. (Kindly make sure the battery is above 50%).

This test will determine any faults before a full complete installation. If you notice a fault upon the soft fit, please put back the part in its original packing along with seals and send the part back to the address stated on the invoice with a copy of the invoice and simply write the fault down.

Scenario 3 : Upon full installation? You have now acknowledged the lcd is fully working for the final install. NO GLUE IS TO BE USED?


GENUINE ADHESIVES ARE SO IMPORTANT TO USE. We also suggest you take good measures to remove the adhesives properly from the frame for the lcds that? S come without frame, if you haven?

T removed it entirely then a problem will occur. Glue is a huge issue. There are numerous other factors such as pressure damage when installing causing a run of colours, flex damage upon install, Static and so forth as noted above.

We have seen technicians cut corners on repairs, which generally take 7/10 mins more to do. The importance upon full installation - it?

S only obvious that if a fault occurs upon full installation, it is down to the fitment. S no 2 ways about this as a full menu test was carried out. Once again, if this is the case then its obvious that the customer has done something to the handset if a fault occurs thereafter as the initial test had been carried out and passed.

Lets revert back to the customer storefront scenario: A must action. A handover test will be carried out. Explain the fragile nature of a lcd. Make the customer sign the declaration form (your form should have details of the guidelines to follow).

A customer could walk out your door and drop the handset in many ways, which could result in immediate damage to the lcd. The Damage does not have to be visible in order for it to have suffered internal damage. Other scenarios are water/liquid ingress, misuse and so forth. Genuine parts undergo a robust/stringent test, the manufacturers will primarily test the lcds and pack them. Many of the manufacturing tests are automated, but humans double-check some aspects like screen quality and call audio that have subjective elements. Humans are still better than robots at some delicate assembly tasks where the amount of pressure applied is critical, Samsung said. This bears no relevance to us as it?

S between you and the customer. We hear of excuse saying oh it? You have gone through the initial testing of 10 mins, you have done a handover test in front of the customer, the robust test by Samsung, Huawei, sony and xiaomi etc has been carried out even before its placed into the service packs which determines the customer has caused damage to the handset, Which is beyond our control. These problems could happen within such a short space of time even when a customer walks out your door.

Liquid contents could also cause a issue to the lcd screen. Black "splotches" or "Ink spots" of various sizes.

Once its out the door the its not your responsibility. Believe it or not, it isn? Ll try to explain why that is the case. The first thing to keep in mind, however, is that spare parts are not "consumer goods", they are not intended to be diagnosed, ordered or replaced by untrained operatives at all and the definition of "trained" or "competent" is set by the manufacturers, not us and not you so largely as soon as you lift a screwdriver or order a part up, it's all on you to make sure it's correct.

First off, even with a brand spanking new part, other components or problems can cause a new part to fail immediately on or shortly after it is replaced. Many of the times a lcd module/screen occurs blank or has dots due to incorrect fitment, especially after a menu test has been carried out when the lcd clearly shows its working beforehand. To get a faulty new part is virtually unheard of and the odds of it so remote as most any supplier will discount it unless there have been multiple failures as in general terms, if one? For parts that have been fitted for some time, you or we need to be able to prove beyond doubt that the component was faulty and that the failure was not due to some other problem. This is a strange quirk in spare parts as it isn?

S in isolation and demonstrating that it no longer works due to some sort of failure is relatively easy compared to a spare part failure. Spare part failures are very often not failures at all but a problem with the fitting of them or something else being busted causing it to fail. Almost all spare parts suppliers will need the part back for inspection before they honour any claim at all for the reasons given above. Just like the toaster we used above, you can? T just contact the company and tell them it?

S faulty and to send another one. Normally that will not happen just as it wouldn? Some people (including the repair guys at times) think that they should be able to get a replacement part and send back the old faulty one at zero cost to them and, that? S not how it works in almost all cases. T work like that for the reasons above, it? S really an unreasonable ask. Of course, all this takes time and, when you? Re sat with a busted appliance you need back up and running all this isn? T exactly convenient and everybody gets that.

White screen, line, blank and etc soft? Fit, if however you have damaged or scratched while installing, the part will be void for return. If you then decide to accept it, you bear all responsibilities so we suggest you open the box with the courier and check contents. If a Part is not required.

Stamp each lcd screen and check. Staff operation to pick and pack your order all under CCTV presence, printed invoices, scan the product and so forth results into time and effort. As the industry is very competitive we as trade make small margins and therefore saying? Oh a customer cancelled or didn? T need the part anymore etc.

This has to be sent back within 7 days. Lets all please understand business ethics on a spare part and its fitment. Address to send the Goods back to is. Unit 13 trafalgar business Centre.

Genuine Huawei P30 Pro Complete LCD With Frame in Black, incl Battery 02352PBT

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